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Monday, May 21, 2012

"Movin' to the country...gonna eat me a lot of peaches."

Peach season is upon us here in Arizona.  A little ahead of the curve compared to most states.  Of course if you have a peach tree you know how important it is to get those peaches before the birds do.  So this week it's ALL about baking, canning and freezing peaches.  

Each of us have a peach tree but live in an area where they are bountiful with the heavy irrigation our lots get.  A picture of our neighbor's lot here where the owners have 4 trees.

Our own little tree...it must have 300 peaches on it...which is not a good thing we learned.  Pruning and trimming excess branches will result in fewer peaches but better quality ones. Ours were a bit small this year and branches were too heavy with the load.  Poor little peach tree, the branches were breaking in places.  We are still learning.

Interested in picking your own peaches?  Give Schnepf Farms a try.  I hear the peaches are beautiful this year and bigger than last year.  Pick your own and go early...it's heating up.  

Tune in this week for some yummy peach recipes.  We've got one cooking in the oven right now and it smells delicious!

Also, this one goes out to The Cute Banker...he loves his rock-n-roll.  I guess you could say it's our theme song this week. 

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