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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cabinet Door DIY Project

What do you do with an old cabinet door that was donated to a thrift store??
Well for 5 BUCKS we will tell ya!

First off, let's explain one of the coolest places in the valley for DIY projects.
Stardust is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization that will take all of your old unwanted building supplies.  Say you are remodeling that master bath?  Stardust will take your old cabinets, faucets, shower doors and light fixtures (and you can write it off).  More information about them can be found at www.stardustbuilding.org
They have two locations here in the valley and addresses can be found by going to the website.
We discovered them back in 2008 when our own kitchen remodels had us wanting to dress up existing cabinetry.  Plus by utilizing Stardust, materials are diverted from local landfills and recycled to folks like us who are always looking for value.  The proceeds from these stores fund community service programs including Angels On Call and Computers for Kids.  

Employee Brian at the Mesa location was a huge help in locating matching doors for our project, so we just had to include him!  Tell him the "blogger girls" said hello!

So, now onto the project!  We have many ideas for these doors but for now we will show you the jewelry holder and a serving tray.   Part 2 will be coming with two more uses for the doors.

Above you can see the Handy Outdoorsman getting to work drilling holes for the tray. 

  Total cost for this tray...5 dollars!  $4 for the door and the pair of handles were $1.

Next up is this jewelry holder idea which has been making its way around the Pinterest scene.  We made a few of these to hang next to each other in our closets.  This one was made for Stacie's 14 year old daughter H, and makes a great addition to some of the black accessories already in her room.
Total cost $5.50


What Dana really loved about the project were these weathered knobs that were all different and unique.  She has three of these now hanging vertically in her walk-in closet.  It really helped to clear out the jewelry box and save space for smaller items.  Accessorizing is much easier now!


this is a beautiful tray but c'mon....89.00 @  Southern Living/Ballard Design
Save the landfill and get creative!

We had so much fun doing this.
Thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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