What is a Betty?

Betty is the term used to describe an amazing person who you can depend on. Betty is also a term for "sweet and loving girl." The more you get to know her, the more you love being around her. She has a good sense of humor and has a cute laugh. She's chill yet hard working as well as kind and considerate. Betty lights up the room and lights up my life. She's always happy and cheerful. She's also cuddly, independent and smart. She appreciates the simple things in life and can make anything good out of a bad situation. -Urban Dictionary

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Goldendoodle Playdate

Never a dull moment around the acres...a batch of new chicks, and dog breeding 101.  Dana was raised  with litters of AKC Cocker Spaniels.  She wanted to give her kids the same experience and we possibly may be able to do that at the end of January. So stay tuned!

Goldendoodles are  a mix of Standard Poodle and Golden Retriever.  The great news...they don't shed and are WONDERFUL with kids.  They have a ton of energy and need some room to run with a high demand for affection.

One thing about breeding dogs...it answered a lot of questions about the birds and the bees and gave the kids, especially the older ones, some answers.  This is definitely something we thought over for some time, and we are not taking the responsibility lightly.  Our goal is to maintain the great standards for the breed and ensure healthy pups while giving our family a great opportunity to learn.  Providing folks with a hypoallergenic option when purchasing a dog is a great benefit too.

We should know if Ginger is expecting after Christmas.

Max (left) and Ginger

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some recent photo shoots!

Busy with photo sessions, we thought we would share what we have been up to! Stacie has been busy with holiday photos and childrens portraits. These kiddos are so fun to photograph and the camera loved them!


Happy clicking!