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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Board and Batten

Dana has a long narrow bathroom that all four boys share.  Enough said right?  One thing about boys; they don't care how towels look hanging on the rack.  All wadded up, barely on, hitting the floor, or not used at all.  Instead she finds them damp and in their rooms.

So, new project to help with this dilemma.  For a Mother's Day gift,  CB (the Cute Banker) went to Home Depot for the supplies to create a board and batten with hooks for the boys' towels.  Who can't hang a towel on a hook, right??

The project was completed this weekend, making this mama very happy!   The boys agreed on some vintage dog prints with a sports theme by Stephen Fowler.  We are keeping the buttery yellow for now.  This was the original color when we moved in and too many other projects are screaming our names right now.  But some Seafoam green towels and some earth tone accessories add some contrast. Overall it's a huge improvement to their boring, unorganized feminine space.  Can't wait to find a few more boy items for it and man it up a bit.

We did not attach the decorative ledge  on top of the board like some we've seen on most board and batten projects.  Again the bathroom is narrow and we didn't want little heads getting bumped.  Also, the hooks were the shallowest we could find (at Lowes) so nobody loses an eye. Safety first :)  Some we've seen are large and obtrusive, which works for a wider space; allowing for larger items too be hung.

Total cost for the project 60$ not including art work.

More ideas to add later...

Although we just figured it out on our own.  I came across this great tutorial today.  Thanks Young House Love for a video demonstration.  We actually used a floor board at the top to give it a decorative edge.  Chair rails did not allow enough space to attach the hooks.  And a plain board just looked too plain for our taste.