What is a Betty?

Betty is the term used to describe an amazing person who you can depend on. Betty is also a term for "sweet and loving girl." The more you get to know her, the more you love being around her. She has a good sense of humor and has a cute laugh. She's chill yet hard working as well as kind and considerate. Betty lights up the room and lights up my life. She's always happy and cheerful. She's also cuddly, independent and smart. She appreciates the simple things in life and can make anything good out of a bad situation. -Urban Dictionary

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Around here, the first day of fall feels like the first day of summer.  Hot.  But, it brings hope to Phoenicians.  Hope that, indeed, we don't live in hell.  That in just a few short weeks, we will be able to ride along without a/c.  Hope, that our utility bills will reach a reasonable amount and we will be able to wear our fall boots.

So to heck with 100 degree temps...we are moving forward with fall plans.  We were long overdue for a get together, so we grabbed lunch on the first day of fall and headed to Hobby Lobby.  Stacie had the itch to start a fall decorating project, and as usual, Dana needed a little help in this area.

Half the fun was the time we spent in the store...What do you do with a rose this size? 

"Stacie, will you accept this rose?"
And why, Oh Craft Stores, do you insist on rushing us through each holiday???  Notice the Christmas balls behind Dana?  We just want to concentrate on Fall.  

Stacie, in her high techie ways, impressed Dana with the Hobby Lobby App on her phone.  Saved herself 3 bucks at check out!  Total cost for this project 15$

Grab some Mesh and Pipe cleaners that coordinate. Add your favorite extras.
About Every 12 inches, gather the mesh and attach with a pipe cleaner.  
And when in doubt, "Put a bird on it!"

(Thanks to J, for this one!)