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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Photographing our kids is one thing we LOVE doing....what to do with all the photographs once they're taken, well we think that's a good problem to have.  Sitting in digital land on the memory card or stored away on CD does nobody any good.  So, once the photos are taken we hop right on it and start planning the purpose for the photographs.  Wall collages, canvases...designing Christmas cards, birthday invitations or perhaps a digital scrapbook or slideshow. We will highlight the photos in some way, you can bet on that!

Well, the time has come to get some more frames up on the wall and we thought we would share a fun DIY project that took just a couple of days and about 80.00 for supplies.   Not bad for 10 frames.

We started out at Michaels with a 25% off coupon for the entire purchase of unfinished frames.  Most frames were only 5 bucks to begin with.  Most of them included the glass and backing too.  After we had the frames picked out we headed over to the stencil aisle and picked up this Martha Stewart stencil pack (which was one of the pricier items ringing in at $17.00...but we have hopes of using it again).

We had interior paint at home and skipped buying paint.  We were even able to use up some of the stain from the outdoor table project.

We picked up a package of wall hangers because some of these unfinished frames didn't have one already attached.  

Once we were home the sanding and painting began! However,  some planning went into how we would arrange the frames, as we wanted each one to be different and unique but compliment the one it bordered.

Next came a trip to Home Depot for the moulding to cut and fit around the frame openings.  Again a variety of moulding that would compliment each other was the goal.  This letter 'K' was on sale for a dollar and we added the paint and stencil pattern to it as well.

Next came the cuts...thank goodness for the men in our lives and their power tools.  

Get crazy with it...have some fun, and obviously any color combination can be used.
Some wood glue is all it took to add the moulding.  Make sure you stain or paint the moulding before attaching it, it will save you some time!

Now off to order the pictures to fill them.

-The Betties

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