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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

So Mother's Day is here!  As young girls we remember feeling pressure to make our moms feel special.  We worked on Mother's Day school projects and crafts...we honored her with a day off in the kitchen and tried to be on our best behavior.  How could we ever repay our Mothers with one day of kindness?  It seemed like a monumental task!

Flash Forward 20 years.  As first time moms ourselves, with newborn infants to care for,  our husbands had that same pressure building, "I must make her feel special, but how?  I can't nurse the baby, and as hard as I try can't give her the day off...this little one needs her.  Plus I have my own mother that I need to do something special for!"  A bouquet of flowers at the local Safeway and her favorite bottle of perfume.  Time marches on.

Add 5 more years to the picture...now the home is bubbling with 3 or 4 children (depending on which Betty you talk to).  Finally, you give up on the perfect Mother's Day scenario.  What she really wants is a new Kitchen Aid and to be left alone to sleep in...dare you purchase a kitchen appliance for such an occasion?  I mean, this is the stuff people mock and surely she will be disappointed.   You go against better judgment and she is thrilled.  It worked.

Now add an additional 5-10 years with pre-teen children in the home and the fun really begins!!!  The kids can really try and make the day special with a little help from dad still.  Mom, no longer needs to sleep in...her internal clock can't seem to sleep past 7:00 anyway.  She actually can envision (sadly) a day when the kids won't be in the home greeting her with hand made gifts and cards.  The need to get out and have "me" time is still there but is now contrasted with the thought of what little time she has left enjoying all of  her kids at home.  When did this occur?  The moment when you think I cannot keep my eyes open one more minute from sleep deprivation (while nursing your baby) to I have 5 more years and they will be off to college!

Well, this is exactly where these Betties are at in life.  We are relishing in these sweet times when our children aren't as demanding as a newborn, but are unencumbered with life's responsibilities.  Their loyalty is still 100% at home....but not for long.  We know this.  They will move forward, find other interests including careers, love...marriage.  Even becoming mothers and fathers themselves.

Nobody explains this stuff.  Rather you just hear from the stranger in the grocery store, "Enjoy this time, it goes so fast!"   Or the senior citizen at the park, "My children are all grown and have moved away."  One day you snap your fingers and 20 years have just passed you by.  So, what is one to do with these overwhelming yet fleeting moments while raising kids?

Dana has a sign in her kitchen that simply states "Rejoice."  It was purchased near Mother's Day 2007 when she was feeling extremely overwhelmed with 4 children under 5.  In fact that Mother's Day morning they were headed to the hospital to get stitches for one of the twins who had been slashed across the cheek with a wii remote!  She reminded herself of this verse as they packed up to go to the emergency room.  She continued daily to look at the little wooden sign as she washed bottles and prepared meals and tended wounds.

She still has the sign.  She still needs reminding. 
REJOICE this Mother's Day!  You will never again get one like it!  
Happy Mother's Day!
-The Betties

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