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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Creating Our Outdoor Spaces Part 1

Summer is almost upon us!!  Which means lots of outdoor fun in the sun.  The last few times we have entertained we have felt short on space for serving food outside.  Of course you can always resort to a folding table with a nice table cloth, but we were looking for something a little more permanent.  We were loving the looks of the outdoor buffets featured in popular catalogs like Pottery Barn and Ballard Design.  But we were not keen on the prices!

Pottery Barn

This is a piece of furniture that will sit outdoors under the patio but during certain times of the day will get some sun.  Drinks will be spilled and chips and dips will be dropped on it. Also, let's not spend a thousand dollars on something that will be laden with dust in no time with our famous haboobs rolling in during monsoon season.

So, the girls started searching for a solution that met their budgets and came up with this piece from Ikea. Great news...two hundred bucks! This table has the length they were looking for (over 70 inches) combined with a nice height.  The shelving offered two racks for storing plates and serving dishes.  Plus this table has 3 good sized drawers that they can keep outdoor placemats, tablecloths, grilling supplies and napkins in.  Don't forget the wine opener!

It required some staining to get the outdoor effect they were going for, which took up a day so that it could dry. Also, the time it took to actually put the table together was about three hours.  All in all it was worth it, and finding the accessories at Home Goods and Kirkland was the fun part.

Dana may add wheels and a towel rack like the one from Pottery Barn, but for now...this one is doing it's job!  Can't wait for the memorial day BBQ to see how it functions.

Have a Great Day!
-The Betties