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Monday, April 9, 2012

What to Wear For Family Pictures.

Often times as professional photographers we have been asked, "What should our family wear for pictures?"  This by far is one of the more difficult steps in creating a beautiful family portrait.  Never overlook it and never underestimate it. After all, you don't want to be in the next issue of Awkward Family Photos...  " The Family that Caters together Stays Together."

Stacie and Dana have been known to put a ton of emphasis on wardrobe selection when photographing their own kids.  It makes a HUGE difference and is a key element in a great family shot.  Thankfully, we have some help with an on-line tool that we would like to share.

polyvore.com is a great site for clicking and dragging wardrobe selections onto a blank canvas, giving you a true picture of what you need to shop for or order on-line for your next family photo.  We highly recommend it as a starting point.  You must create an account first but it's free and painless.  The great news is, when you click on the items to drag into your selection, you are given the price and where to purchase it!  Here is an example of what you might end up with....

Pinks and Grays

Or Pinks, Browns and Turquoises

One of the main goals is to NOT appear "matchy-matchy." And by that I mean, everyone wearing the SAME thing. It does nothing for individual style to be wearing the exact same hair bow and dress as your sister, even if you are identical twins...change it up a little.  As photographers and moms we know each family member is unique and deserves to stand out.  What you wear can highlight the differences in your family without becoming a distraction IF it is done in the right way.

Stay away from too many patterns...some stripes, some floral, some bright splashes of color are okay!  
But make sure you have solids in there to break it up too.  Layering is a great way to add texture pattern and color without going overboard.

Here are the girlfriends and their families earlier this year.
Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start when planning your next family 
portrait session.

-The Betties

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