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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snakes on a Plane

Oh, did we say snakes on a plane?  What we meant to say was KIDS on a plane.  We were just thinking how some folks would probably rather travel with snakes given the choice. 

Summer is quickly approaching and that means summer travel.  Between the girlfriends, 7 children are hopefully being raised to set a good example to the traveling public.  But, it's not without some planning, setting expectations, and plain old BRIBERY!

Getting a jump start on the summer travel season, the homeschooling Betty is preparing her brood for a 5 hour flight.  After all, one of the perks of homeschooling is jumping on a plane when most are not.  You can rub it in her face when she is stuck at home this summer, educatin' the children in the dining room, while you are at the beach.

So here is what she has stewing in her bag of tricks and perhaps this can give you some ideas when you plan your next trip to see grandma.

First of all, it had been a while since the family had all flown together.  Mom knew the littlest folks in the family (twins that are 5) needed some briefing on what to expect.  So, while the packing was being completed, the kids sat down to watch All About Airplanes.  Free on Netflix!  This showed airport security, where your bags go when you check them, boarding the plane, the cockpit and many other fun things on a commercial airline.


After the expectations were set with help from the movie, the activity bags (carry-ons) were zipped up and not allowed to be seen by the kids.  Surprises awaited and by letting them rummage through their items before the trip, powerful bargaining tools would be lost....like, "If you don't stop kicking the seat in front of you, I will not let you see the cool new toy I have for you!"  Or, "If you press that flight attendant call button one more time, you will not get the yummy snack I packed."  Leaving it a mystery is half the fun!  Now, most of you that know us, also know that we don't use bribery as a way of getting our kids to do much of anything.  BUT on an airplane just do what it takes to keep them content for the sake of everyone around you.  If you consistently use other forms of discipline (which is another blog entirely ...Biblical Parenting 101) at home...your kids will respect you and everyone around them.  Your home is training ground... not an airplane...spare everyone the drama associated with teachable moments and save it for after you land.

As you can see, the girlfriends have no problems with DVDs, Video Games, and basically all forms of electronics.
You are in survival mode on a plane...not up for mother of the year awards.

I think we will play a round of this too...

And the winner will get an unopened toy...it will have enough pieces to be shared with siblings.  We don't need a meltdown because they did not win the prize!

Don't forget those comfort objects for the little ones...a favorite blanket or stuffed animal can buy you a thousand peaceful miles.

This could happen to YOU!

Happy Trails!

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  1. Lol u girls are funny! Looking forward to many more posts :)

    Fun to hang with u tonight Miss Stacie!