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Betty is the term used to describe an amazing person who you can depend on. Betty is also a term for "sweet and loving girl." The more you get to know her, the more you love being around her. She has a good sense of humor and has a cute laugh. She's chill yet hard working as well as kind and considerate. Betty lights up the room and lights up my life. She's always happy and cheerful. She's also cuddly, independent and smart. She appreciates the simple things in life and can make anything good out of a bad situation. -Urban Dictionary

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Burlap Wreath

We know these burlap wreaths are everywhere, but this one really caught our eye! Saw it at an expensive boutique for over $90.00 and thought... we can make this! Stacie bought 5 yards of burlap at a craft store on sale for $15.00 and a grapevine wreath for $5.00. There is a lot of cutting involved, but with a bowl for a template it was easy. The diameter is about 6 inches (regular cereal bowl will work).  After cutting all your circles you are ready to start gluing! Fold the circles in half and in half again,  glue them to the grapevine wreath. Start in the inner part of the wreath and work your way around to the outer edges. Place the folded burlap as close as you want depending on how full you want it. These are about an inch a part. This process is time consuming and be careful not to burn yourself with the glue, but it sure is cute when it's finished!

Adorn with ribbon or decorate for different occasions and enjoy!

 Happy crafting!
   The Betties!

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