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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Simple Halloween Craft

We both love Halloween and decorating for different seasons, but it gets costly buying new things for every holiday! This is such a simple idea and very inexpensive! You can purchase the letters at any craft store for 2 or 3 dollars a piece. You could spell "Spooky"... "boo" or "Wicked", but they were out of one or more of the letters, so "31" it is!

 Cardboard letters, some glittery scrapbook paper, and some fun embellishments is all you need!

Make sure you draw the letters or numbers backwards on the backside of the paper, so the paper is right side out!

Spray paint (or any paint will work) the outside edges of the letter. We used black, but you can get creative and use any color!

 Once the paper is cut out glue them onto the cardboard. We used scrapbook glue. There is some really cute scrapbook paper for any holiday. Green glitter worked well for this!

Then you can wrap ribbon around the letter and add any embellishments you want!

Happy Crafting!
The Betties

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