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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

4th of July Door Decor.

So, our husbands have one gripe against us when it comes to holiday decor.  Too much of it!  So in an aim to please them, we are this year trying to stick with one basic wreath that we change out for the each season.  By simply adding greenery and a ribbon to the same wreath we can change out the colors for each holiday for a fraction of the cost.  Plus by keeping the same wreath on the door,  it eliminates storage issues and those trips to the attic to retrieve those seasonal items.  Especially in the heat of summer.  

For spring we started out with some basic greenery and wrapped it around the vine wreath with a cream colored ribbon.  Easter colors were easy to mix in and when the holiday was over we took those items out and put them away in an easy to reach bin. The greenery and ribbon remained the same.  Soon came Memorial Day, so the patriotic theme that runs through the summer took over and will stay through July (or maybe even Labor Day)with this decorative star in the middle along with red, white and blue flowers over the greenery.

Can't wait to see what our two wreaths do for the fall...

Here are some other fun 4th of July wreath ideas floating around Pinterest.
These wreath ideas came to us from  http://naptimecrafting.blogspot.com
Thank you for these creative ideas for the 4th!

Blessings from the Betties!

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